About Me

I've always been endlessly fascinated by people—their stories and their needs. This passion infuses my work as a designer, where I delve into individuals' narratives and craft solutions that align with their goals.

In my personal time, you’ll find me exploring new destinations, enjoying a favorite hiking trail, losing myself on a dance floor, or saving the quest to locate the world’s best pierogi. 

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Passionate about people

Sociology and education have driven the first ten years of my career. Through my Sociology degree, I delved into understanding groups, their behaviors, and their needs. As a Montessori educator, I deeply appreciated the profound impact of meaningful experiences on individual development.

Discovering design

Amidst the 2020-2021 school year's pandemic restrictions, I pivoted to online teaching, challenging my established pedagogical principles. While online instruction went against many of the pedagogical principles I had practiced, I was amazed by the students' ability to learn and develop through a digital medium. The task of building a digital curriculum from scratch seemed insurmountable at the beginning of the school year, but a few months later, I realized I deeply enjoyed the challenge of creating, testing, and iterating digital learning materials.


After many years in the classroom I was ready for a new challenge, my persistent drive to contribute to education and understand people led me to UX Design. I’m enthusiastic about the utilization of psychology to achieve great design as well as the diverse educational opportunities available through digital mediums. Through crafting engaging and meaningful user experiences, I’m able to utilize my skills as a social scientist, an educational content creator, researcher, digital designer, and people person.


From start to finish.

My skillet enables me to lead projects seamlessly, guiding them from the preliminary stages of research and assessment to the development of user-tested, high-fidelity prototypes and coded websites.

Research Design

Persona Development


Data Analysis


UX Storytelling

UX Writing

Useability Testing

Information Architecture


Front End Development

VS Code


Supporting the full development process.

Having worked on each stage of the development process, I can confidently initiate a project or step in to support the development of an existing product.

UX Researcher

User Tester

UX Designer

UI Designer

Front End Developer

Project Manger